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Lady Cynthia Curzon to wed

May 10, 1920

Lady Cynthia Curzon, daughter of the British Secretary of State and former Viceroy of India, the Earl Curzon, and his late American wife, the heiress Mary Leiter, will be married tomorrow to Oswald Mosley, M.P.

The couple will be wed in the presence of King George V and Queen Mary and King Albert and Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians in a ceremony that will take place at the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace.

The Belgian sovereigns gave their three children into Lord Curzon's care "during the worst period of the Flanders front.

The King and Queen of Belgians few to England on Saturday, according to the New York Times, and they spent the weekend with Lord Curzon at his country home, Hackwood. They "motored today to London, where they are staying at the Carlton Hotel."

Because the Chapel Royal is small, many of the bride and groom's friends "will be unable to see the ceremony."

Lady Cynthia's stepmother, Lady Curzon, is giving a reception at the Carlton House Terrace, "to which hundreds of people have been invited."

Lady Cynthia will have seven bridesmaids: Lady Alexandra Curzon, sister of the bride; Lady Patricia Ward, Lady Hermione Lytton; Miss Ursula Lutzens, Miss Marjorie Duggan, Lady Curzon's daughter; Miss Phyllis Astor, daughter of Lady Astor, M.P., and Miss Joyce Phipps.

Oswald is the eldest son of Sir Oswald Mosley, 5th Baronet, and Katherine Edwards-Heathcote. He is the Conservative Member for Harrow and was elected to Parliament in 1918.

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