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Grand Duchess Xenia's confirm's brother's death

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 May 21, 1920

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia's affidavit, which is on file in the principal probate registry in London, confirms the deaths of her brother, Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, and his immediate family.

The affidavit, made on May 14, states that Nicholas II died July 16, 1918, at Ekaterinburg, intestate and that neither his wife nor any children survive him. Under Russian law, Nicholas' mother, the Dowager Empress Marie, who survives him, "has no interest in the estate or in the grant of letters of administration. The interest now vests in Nicholas' two sisters, Grand Duchess Xenia and Grand Duchess Olga, who survive him. A grant of letters of administration was granted to Grand Duchess Xenia. The English grant reads: "Be it known that His Imperial Majesty, Nicholas Alexandrovitch, Czar of Russia, of Petrograd, Russia, died on the 16th day of July 1918 at Ekaterinburg, in Russia, aforesaid, domiciled in Russia, intestate, leaving no widow or child."

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Anonymous said...

Not sure how to contact you except through these message boxes. I have just read a new book called "Red Princess" - the revolutionary life, love affairs, and adventures of Princess Sophy Dolgorouky, by Sofka Zinovieff. (Pegasus Books, New York: ISBN:978-1-60598-009-6, 2008).

In it she says that the GD Xenia (Nicholas II's sister) had a love affair with Prince Sergei Dolgorouky who was an equerry to her mother, the Dowager Empress Marie. In 1917 he, Xenia and her children, and Empress Marie were under guard at Ai Todor in the Crimea when his wife whom he had married three years earlier apparently committed suicide when she discovered that her marriage was a covenient screen for Sergei's long-standing affair with the GD Xenia.

I had read about Xenia's affair in Maylunas & Mironenko's "A Lifelong Passion", but her lover wasn't named.