Tuesday, May 25, 2010

'Fess up now Sarah, or face a parliamentary inquiry

This may be the fall out of Sarah's acceptance of money in exchange for arranging meetings between businessmen and her former husband, HRH The Duke of York.

Sarah has gone and done it this time -- a real big OOPS!



John said...

I don't know what the laws in The UK are or what can be done with this woman. But here are my entirely made-up-without-any-legal-expertise scenarios to deal her.

1. Make her legally change her name to Sarah Ferguson, no longer use the name Sarah, Duchess of York.

2. Give her an increase in her divorce settlement to the tune of an extra 50k plus give her steeply reduced rent for a one-bedroom cottage on a crown property, in exchange for Sarah declaring bankruptcy, resigning all positions in any boards, charities, foundations, funds etc. The terms also include her publicly retiring from public life, which means no more 'literary' dealings, charities (except discreet offerings in the church basket) or product endorsements, no interviews and no TV reality shows.
Any mention of the royal family, the monarchy, Andrew, Diana or her deal will make the deal void.

3. Gift her diamond wedding parure to Beatrice and Eugenie, including transfering the insurance on these pieces to them.

4. Accept the terms of a restraining order, preventing Sarah from coming within 100 yards of a member of the family and prohibiting emails, texting, phone calls or letters except to her daughters.

5. Attend 100 days of a residential 12-Step program for alchoholism, compulsive lying and compulsive spending.

Haha, here is an even wilder fantasy scenario: make Sarah accept a position in HM's household as an extra Lady-in-Waiting. This way The Queen's houshold and courtiers can always keep dibs on her, and Sarah will then live under the constant fear and scrutiny of The Duke of E.

Or, make her join an austere convent!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Sarah does use Ferguson to sign contracts. She may be liable to income tax questions on both sides of the Atlantic (and she does spend more time in the US than in the UK.)

Most likely, the tiara is not in Sarah's care - the wedding gifts were Andrew's wife - and when Sarah ceased to be Andrew's wife, she may have lost access to them - these were not personal gifts - most likely, the tiara is in the vault and will be passed to Beatrice and Eugenie. The only jewels Diana got to keep were the personal gifts from Charles.
Andrew is not responsible for Sarah's maintenance.