Thursday, May 13, 2010

Edward and Jolanda to wed!

May 13, 1920

The "semi-official news" that the Prince of wales is to marry Princess Jolanda of Italy is, according to the Los Angeles Times, "significant as a survival of the old order of things, the perpetuation of monarchies and the political alliances of royal houses."

As usual with these reports, "an effort is made to enshroud the affair in romance, to insist" that the young couple have "fallen in love" with each other. It is unlikely that Prince Edward and Princess Jolanda "have any such supreme luck," as love and romance can rarely be counted upon to conform" to political desires.

As "a matter of cold fact," the House of Savoy is "the only one left with a thoroughly eligible daughter suitable to become the consort of the future King." This marriage has "everything to recommend it - age, rank and political advantage."

"We wish young Edward and Jolanda the best of luck if their alliance is duly consummated -- but, dear children, we hope the sacrifice won't be too exacting, for it will be surely in vain." Britain and Italy will "remain friends so long as their interests don't conflict. Otherwise, all the royal marriages under heaven won't weigh a particle in the balance."

[Editor's note: this article is too funny. There was never an ounce of truth in a romance between the Prince of Wales and Princess Jolanda. Apart from the fact that they never really met, Jolanda was Roman Catholic, and unlikely to have converted to the Anglican church before a marriage with the Prince of Wales.]

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