Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A son for Audrey Emery

January 27, 1928

Princess Ilyinski, the wife of Grand Duke Dimitri of Russia, gave birth today in London to a son. The Princess is the former Audrey Emery of Cincinnati, Ohio, the daughter of John Emery, a leather magnate.

The marriage between Miss Emery and Grand Duke Dimitri is considered unequal, according to the Fundamental Laws. She was created Princess Ilyinski, the name coming from the name of Grand Duke Dimitri's estate in Russia. They were married in "grand splendor at Biarritz," and the wedding was attended by "many exiled Russian aristocrats."

Since the Revolution, Grand Duke Dimitri has, in exile, worked as a clerk in a New York bank and as a wine agent in Paris. He is the only son of the late Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich, who was killed by the Bolsheviks in January 1919.

The name of the child has not been announced, but many expect the baby to be named for his late paternal grandfather.

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