Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Margrethe to abdicate? I think not

According to this Australian news report (and based on a report in a Danish magazine,) Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has a secret plan for later this year. She plans to abdicate in favor of her son, Crown Prince Frederik.
I take such stories with grains of salt because abdication is not a tradition in the Danish monarchy. It is a job for life, similar to marriage: death us until part. Frederik will succeed to the throne when his mother dies, and not before.



John said...

I hope not. Let Fred and Mary have a bit of a life and raise their kids without so much media glare. I wonder if Prince Henrik wants to retire to his vineyards though.

Switching countries, it's a weird precedent in The Netherlands, right? It almost feels like Queen Beatrix has a tradition to maintain and abdicate for her son.
But again, I hope that WA and Maxima can raise their girls and Beatrix reigns a long, long time. Can you imagine how WA will be to the papparazzi once he becomes king? Off with their heads!??

Anonymous said...

Dear Marlene,

I saw this headline at the shops, almost a week ago, but did not buy the item. As you say, it is not a tradition to abdicate to heirs in the Danish monarchy. Margrethe would only do it under the most pressing circumstances.

She brought up two young children as a young mother and as Queen, due to her father's death. I'm sure that she would not like her son and daughter in law to have the same stress.

Kind Regards, Keith.