Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lia says she had help

Richard Kay's column in the Daily Mail includes a few comments from Lia Lambrino.
At least he got her age right -- but she was born at Great Lakes, Illinois, not Detroit, Michigan.

Lia described her son as a "little miracle" and added that "We were blessed by fine doctors, here in Romania, in the U.S and in Harley Street in London. Lia also states that her pregnancy was "planned" and "that a part of her treatment was to undergo stem-cell therapy."
"I have been open-minded about this. It is not a youth elixir I was given, but my energy was re-charged."
She was asked if she received IVF. She acknowledged that "I was assisted."
Sixty-year-old women do not plan pregnancies because sixty-year-old women do not ovulate.
Most Romanians have no idea who Lia is, as Romania is a republic. Most of the news coverage have mentioned that Paul is not a member of the former ruling family.
The heir to the throne is Michael's daughter. Crown Princess Margarita.
There is no contact between the royal family and the Lambrinos.

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