Friday, January 29, 2010

Is Wilhelmina expecting again

January 29, 1910

By exclusive dispatch to the Los Angeles Times. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands has promised to "make her subjects the happiest people in the world. There is hope that the young queen, "who is the center of interest to every patriotic Hollander," is again pregnant, as "the stork is said to be hovering near the Dutch royal mansion."
There is said to be be "much gossip" concerning Wilhelmina's "domestic life. The "little Queen" is "desperately in love with her big husband." She married Prince Henrik "for love," and has never "ceased to love him, despite gossip and court scandal. It was because of her devotion to Henrik that "she came to lose her first two children." She has insisted on "following him everywhere he want, " even on horseback, "at a time when she should have remained quietly at rest.
The German-born Prince Henrik, in "a rough German fashion, has shown himself to be a man of heart."
The Dutch people are devoted to the little Princess Juliana, but it is of "the most vital importance" that Queen Wilhelmina give birth to a son, who will one day reign as King.
Wilhelmina is only 34 and "in robust health, so there may be a whole nursery of little Princes to delight their hearts and further their hopes for a King."

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