Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crown Prince Kardam hospitalized

Prince Kardam of Bulgaria was taken to a hospital in Conxo, Spain, suffering from a high fever and respiratory problems, according to the Spanish newspaper, El Correo Gallego. The Bulgarian royal family has not released any information about the prince's condition.
On August 15, 2008, Crown Prince Kardam and his wife, Princess Miriam, were returning from their farm in Riaza, Segovia, when the Jaguar he was driving ran off the road, collided with a tree and overturn within ten yards of a house. The accident took place at El Molar.
Kardam suffered a severe head trauma and catastrophic injuries to his hands. Miriam was also injured and underwent several surgeries for a fractured elbow. The prince's condition was described as vegetative. Last summer, the Crown Princess had her husband moved to a private clinic in Galicia, the FOLTRAN Foundation, which specializes in brain injury treatment. Kardam, whose official title is the Prince of Tirnovo, is now able to respond to some stimuli, including hugging his two young sons, and eat some food.
The paper's correspondent added later that the family has denied that Kardam was taken to the hospital, and was treated at the clinic, although the clinic will not comment on private matters.

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