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Carol says he gave up throne for "own soul"

January 6, 1926

In an exclusive interview with the United News service, Prince Carol of Roumania today "dropped his mute role" and offered a statement regarding his decision. He was reached at his hotel in Milan, Italy, where a "squad of eager newspaper men" waited for his comments.
Prince Carol says he is "sorry, indignant, grieved and hurt," but he gave no "indication of any intentions to desert" Magda Lupescu, "the beautiful, auburn haired wife of a Roumanian major, who is his companion in retreat." He has chosen her over the "buxom presence of his wife," although he is pained by "the ordeal the crown princess is experiencing."
Prince Carol spoke "calmly, suavely," and "claimed the right to possession of his own soul."
"I cherish the highest regard for my wife, the Princess Helene," he said. "She is an exemplary mother. I adore my son. I am profoundly indignant at the infamous insinuations made against the princess.
"As for the assertions which have been made regarding my future, far away from my country -- I repudiate them, en masse. I will continue to love and serve my country. What I want is silence, silence!"
It has been reported that Prince Carol planned to reside in the United States or in one of the Scandinavian countries.
In the interview, Prince Carol "formally acknowledged the authenticity of his renunciation." He was adamant that the public would not be "interested in the reasons motivating him."
Even "Princes," he said, "have a right to their souls."
He "manifested great concern in making clear that his actions were of a serious nature." He said his decision arrived after "serious and prolonged thought."
Carol was also "visibly grieved" by the press reports about his relationship with Mme. Lupescu.
"Another thing which I deeply regret is the allusion to a plot. There are absolutely no political reasons for my actions. It is purely personal. It pains me to read of my preparations for a revolt against the Roumanian monarchy. My devotion as a prince and loyalty as a soldier make it unnecessary for me to even deny such absurdities."
But when he was asked about his immediate plans and his future with Mme. Lupescu, Prince Carol fell silent.
Earlier in the day, a reporter had succeeded in talking for a few minutes with Mme. Lupescu. The "harsh publicity of the last few days has borne heavily upon this pretty auburn haired woman who suddenly has become the subject of breakfast table conversation."
Mme. Lupescu's eyes were shining and her "voice steady," but her face was pale, which "indicated she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown." She "pleaded for respite from the prying curiosity of the world," but she spoke briefly: "I beg you to respect the painful position of a poor woman against whom the world is unjustly cruel. Please, I have nothing to say. I prefer to be silent. Time will make for justice. Those who know both me and my family are aware of who I am."
She was asked if she would marry Prince Carol. "Please be generous: don't insist on answer," was her reply,

It is being reported tonight that Queen Marie is en route to Milan in an attempt to "save her son from his follies and plead with him to give up the idea of quitting the throne and return to the arms of his family." There are also reports that Carol's wife, Helen, is also expected to come to Milan and "plead with her wayward husband to return and receive certain forgiveness on his promise to take over the throne when the time comes."
Neither Carol nor his companion have left their hotel for six days. Their "sole occupation" has been to scan the newspapers and play cards. It is also understood that Magda "will try to get away tonight to avoid meeting Queen Marie and Princess Helene, who certainly will vent their fury on the head of the woman who is helping drag down the royal Roumanian name in the mud."

The Associated Press is reporting that Prince Carol has dropped his title, and will use the name Scarlat Mondstireanu, according to the new passport he received from Bucharest. The new name comes from one his Roumanian estates. He and Magda Lupescu are staying at the Hotel de Ville in Milan. Mme. Lupescu is apparently trying "to obtain severance of her marital bonds from her husband."
It was also announced today that King Ferdinand and Queen Marie would settle all of Carol's debts that he incurred prior to his renunciation, but he "will have to find the money to pay his own bills hereafter."

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