Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Will Sophie Winkleman make it on US TV

The newly married Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor headed for Hollywood where Lady Frederick -- whose professional name is Sophie Winkleman -- was to begin shooting a new series for NBC. Sophie was to star as Charlotte Payne in "100 Questions," a comedy series about a young woman looking for love and joining an online dating service.
Earlier this year, NBC announced that "100 Questions "would be included in the mid-season lineup that would begin after the Olympics. That schedule was released a few days ago, and "100 Questions " is not on it.
On December 7, NBC cut the order of episodes from 13 to six, and the cast was informed about this decision. A NBC network representative " said that the full-season pickups given to "Community" and "Parks And Recreation," along with a long break for the Olympics reduced the number of episodes needed of the show."
The show was to have been shown at 9:30 p.m., following the 90 minute "Biggest Loser," but "but it's unlikely the show would have sustained the ratings "The Biggest Loser" generated in its final half-hour."
No date has been set for "100 Questions," but with NBC cutting back the number of episodes, it is entirely possible that the program never make it to the lineup.

In other words, Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor may be heading home to England a lot sooner than they thought.

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