Friday, December 4, 2009

Sitting around - and catching up

One wonders what these three ladies were discussing before this photo was taken.

The three ladies, wearing mourning, are the Dowager Queen Margherita of Italy, and her two sisters-in-law, Princess Clotilda, the widow of Prince Napoleon, and Queen Maria Pia of Portugal.

Princess Clotilde (1843-1911) was married in 1859 to Napoleon, Prince Napoleon. Her younger sister, Maria Pia (1847-1911) married in 1862 to King Luiz of Portugal. Margherita (1851-1926) was the widow of Umberto I of Italy, who was assassinated in 1900. Margherita also was Clotilda and Maria Pia's first cousin. This photo may have been taken after Umberto's assassination.

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