Monday, December 7, 2009

Queen Amelie hates Portugal

December 7, 1907

Queen Amelie of Portugal loves France. This is not a surprise, as the Queen is a member of the House of Orléans. She has been "enjoying herself" in the last few days as the guest of the Duchess of Uzes. The Queen and a friend were out riding, when the friend said to her: "This is better than being in Portugal, your Majesty." Queen Amelie responded: "O what a bore to return there!"
The Queen's remarks were reported in the Los Angeles Times. Amelie, however, can do "entirely pleased" during her visit to France. She had desired to "make an ascent" in a dirigible balloon, but her husband, King Carlos, sent her a telegram: "The Queen of Portugal shall not go up in a balloon."
Recently, she wrote to the queen of another country, asking that she "bring about the recall of that nation's representation to Lisbon."
Amelie wrote to the unnamed queen:"While his wife is at court, I am the second lady of the land."

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