Monday, December 14, 2009

Queen Amelia is not a doctor

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December 14, 1907

The British Medical Journal has published a story about Queen Amelia's alleged medical degree. The journal has officially denied that the queen, the consort of King Carlos, is a medical doctor.

This story seems to surface every time the queen visits England, the journal reported.

"It came up the other day in connection with a tale of an accident to a workman who was conveyed to Eversham Cottage Hospital, where it was found his left thigh was fractured and his right ankle severely sprained.

"The Princess (Louise) and Queen Amelia of Portugal yesterday motored to the hospital. Queen Amelia, who was a qualified doctor, herself inspected the broken limb and rearranged the bed."

The journal's article went on to say that due to the frequent reports that the Queen was a doctor, the "fact" had become an "article of faith."

The journal stated that the Queen has neither a medical degree or any medical qualifications.

Queen Amelia has never been interested in "studying medicine, still less of passing exams." Her interest in medicine "is one of pure philanthropy."

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