Monday, December 14, 2009

Princess Anna Monica Pia is now an American woman's ward

December 14, 1907

Four-year-old Princess Anna Monica Pia of Saxony is "at last in a fair way to become a happy and useful member of society," according to a direct wire to the Los Angeles Times. The golden hair princess, at last removed from her "erratic"mother, the former Crown Princess Luise. She is now in the care of the American-born Baroness Schönburg, who lives with her husband in Brixen in Austrian Tyrol.
Princess Anna Monica Pia is seen every day with her Saxon governess, talking a walk on the esplanade. She is described as a "dear little flaxen-haired thing with blue eyes and a most engaging manner." The little princess is described as being very happy. The "peace, quietness and purity of her new home have done wonders," and her father, King Friedrich August, is expected to meet the princess in the spring.
Baroness Schönburg "has the most charming ways," and is described as "highly educated." Her husband, the Baron, "enjoys the complete confidence of the King of Saxony.

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