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no elopement says Ileana

Embed from Getty Images December 9, 1927

Princess Ileana of Roumania is "clad in black sealskin and dress, her happiness sobered by the attire of mourning," reports a reporter for the Chicago Tribune News Service. The eighteen-year-old Princess visited the YMCA bazaar in Bucharest today, and purchased a toy for her nephew, the young King Michael.
Although interviews are officially barred during the mourning period for Ileana's father, the late King Ferdinand, Ileana was happy to chat about world gossip.

Talking with the American reporter, the Princess discussed recent reports in American papers. Earlier this year, the Princess and her brother, Nicolas, accompanied their mother, Queen Marie, on a tour of the United States. The reporter noted that "owing to her conquest of America, she was a constant object of interest in the United States."

"Yes, American newspapers are so eager that they sometimes exceed the bounds of truth and propriety."

Princess Ileana was referring to recent stories, which were originally published in Bucharest and other European newspapers, that the princess had run off with a married man and then tried to commit suicide.

"It is really funny. They even had me running off with a married man. But it did not make me angry. It was so preposterous it made me laugh."

She showed the reporter the small toy tin steamboat that she had bought for Michael. "I am giving this to the king. He is now an admiral, and this makes an attractive souvenir."

The Princess thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the United States. "Whenever I speak to Americans, I am reminded of the wonderful time we had in the United States a year ago. I am eagerly anticipating another visit soon. Behind the unbounded hospitality and generosity in America, I discovered and learned to admire its philosophy of service."

The Princess was "in a hurry to visit the junior class at play," and joined in with the Girl Scout salute. Princess Ileana is the head of the Roumanian Girl Scouts.
The reporter describes Ileana "as far from flighty or frivolous," and can be as serious as any girl of eighteen can be."

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