Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nicholas to visit Paris?

December 29, 1929

There is an "unconfirmed report" from Bucharest today, according to the Associated Press, that Prince Nicholas of Roumania, uncle to young King Michael, and a member of the regency council, has plans to meet in Paris with his older brother, Carol. The former Crown Prince has made Paris his home since going into exile after renouncing his rights to the throne.
Prince Nicholas is also reported to have said that a "return to Roumania by Carol would be harmless."
Dowager Queen Marie is "said to have advised against both steps."
Other reports state that Prince Nicholas will stand down as a member of the Regency, and be replaced by his mother, the Dowager Queen Marie.
Marie, the widow of King Ferdinand, has long desired being a member of the regency. She is unhappy as she has been "denied control" of her grandson's education, by the "firmness of his mother, Princess Helen."

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