Thursday, December 17, 2009

King Michael is piqued

December 17, 1927

Seven-year-old King Michael of Roumania and his mother, Princess Helen, were out for a drive in Bucharest when he noticed other little boys playing. Helen reminded Michael to "be good," and not to "go play with those boys."
The little king showed his mettle by telling his mother "Madame, I am the king," in response to her admonition. This story was reported first in a Roumanian newspaper and reprinted by the New York Times. The original report did not add if the young king got his way, but did discuss how Michael's life has changed since succeeding his grandfather earlier this year.
The boy king no longer enjoys himself as much because old friends and palace employees, "instead of playing with him as they used to, tip their hats and curtsey." The king would also like to keep the crown as one of his toys, but was finally persuaded that this was not possible.

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