Tuesday, December 15, 2009

King Leopold rallies

December 15, 1909

A new bulletin has been issued regarding the health of King Leopold II of the Belgians: "The King's condition is somewhat improved: pulse 75, temperature 99.5."
The king is in a "tenacious struggle" against death, following an operation yesterday. His intestines are said to be paralyzed. It is believed that the king will not ultimately recover, according to the New York Times. Leopold's second daughter, Stephanie, Countess Lonyay, arrived today and "was respectfully greeted" at the Brussels rail station by a crowd. She is a "great favorite" among the Belgians, who call her the "golden haired princess."
The princess, described as "very mournful," said that she came not for financial gain, but because she loves her father despite "that he repulsed her at her mother's deathbed."
It is expected that further bulletins will be issued regarding Leopold's health.

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