Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jolanda gives trinkets for war effort

December 1, 1935

Princess Jolanda of Italy, Countess Calvi di Bergolo, who is King Victor Emanuel's eldest daughter, is contributing "gold and silver ornaments and coins" to the Italian treasury for their war effort. She has also "given up her automobile, as has the King's cousin, the Count of Turin.
Crown Prince Umberto and Crown Princess Marie-José have "delighted the Neopolitans by riding street cars." Umberto has "given orders that his autos shall be used only when absolutely necessary." His household staff, who are unable to walk, "must drive in carriage drawn by the royal horses," reports the Chicago Tribune, which has based its article on a dispatch from the London Daily Telegraph.
Gasoline and oil are being conserved in Italy to aid her "mechanized army in Africa."

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