Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joachim Ernst on world tour

December 15, 1925

Joachim Ernst, Duke of Anhalt, is traveling around the world "in order to broaden his mind." He spoke today to the New York Times at the Hotel Plaza, where he has been staying for the past week. The 25-year-old duke said he was most impressed "with the skill in which the police handled traffic. He was also impressed "with the organization of the New York Times," as he took a tour of the New York Times' offices.
The Duke has been accompanied by Professor Rudolf Kiessmann, his Grand Chamberlain, and Lieut. Col. Riedel, a former Prussian officer, "who acts as his guardian and adviser."
The duke and his party will stay in New York until after Christmas. Their American travel plans include stops in Niagara Falls, Washington, D.C., Chicago, the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles and San Francisco. This will take about two months. The final stops of the trip, which is expect to take a year and a half, will be in China and Japan.
Joachim Ernst was a student in Munich when his father died in 1918, and he succeeded as duke. His uncle, Joachim Ernst, who was acting as regent, was forced to abdicate when the Republic of Anhalt was declared.
The young duke is among the wealthiest nobles in Germany. He said that "New York was a most interesting contrast to Dessau," which he described as a "sleepy little German city."
He is an "ardent motorist," and enjoys music and opera, riding and hunting. During his stay in New York, he will "inspect theatres, hospitals, the Stock exchange and factories."

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