Monday, December 14, 2009

Crown Prince is worse

December 14, 1887

Doctors treating Crown Prince Friedrich of Prussia have found a new growth in his throat. There is an increasing in swelling. A special consultation of medical experts have been called. Dr. Mackenzie, at the request of the Crown Prince, is now en route to San Remo, where the Crown Prince and Crown Princess are staying. A dispatch sent from San Remo "says the Crown Prince's symptoms are alarming." There is now a genuine fear that "returning public hope" for Friedrich's condition has now been "shattered."
Prince and Princess Wilhelm have been notified and are ready to head to San Remo should the Crown Prince's condition continue to deteriorate.
Crown Prince Friedrich is the heir the German and Prussian thrones. His wife, Victoria, is the eldest child of Queen Victoria.
Prince Wilhelm is the eldest son of the Crown Prince and Princess. He is married to Princess Auguste Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein.

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