Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bulletin from Buckingham Palace

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December 2, 1935

Buckingham Palace issued the following statement tonight:

"Princess Victoria had an acute and severe hemorrhage from the stomach yesterday evening. A transfusion of blood was performed but has only been of temporary benefit. The condition of Her Royal Highness is critical. Signed HOWELL-GWYNNE-JONES, H.L. MARRIOTT, JOHN WEIR, DAWSON of Penn."

Princess Victoria, 67 is one of the two surviving sisters of King George V. The King will not attend the State Opening of Parliament. The King's speech will be read by Viscount Hailsham, the Lord Chancellor, according to the New York Times report.
King George and Queen Mary canceled their plans to travel to Sandringham after the State Opening. They had planned to remain at their Norfolk residence for a week.
Victoria's younger sister, Queen Maud of Norway, is also in England.
The princess, "who has never been in robust health," has lived at her country home, Coppins, in Iver, Buckinghamshire, since the death of her mother, Queen Alexandra, in 1925.
Queen Maud helped decorate Victoria's home, and helped her move in, as this was the first time the princess "ever had a home of her own."

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