Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alfonso not going to Italian wedding

December 17. 1929

The Italian press is reporting that King Alfonso XIII of Spain will not be attending the wedding of Crown Prince Umberto to Princess Marie José of Belgium next month. He has declined to attend himself and will be sending one of the infantas as his representative. His absence is "regretted in Rome's court circles," as he was expected to join four other sovereigns, who have already accepted the invitation. The Kings of Italy, Belgium, Sweden and Bulgaria will be attending the wedding, reports the Chicago Tribune wire service. The Kings of Italy and Belgium, are the fathers of the groom and bride, respectively.
The king did attend the wedding two years ago of the Duke of Apulia and Princess Anne of France. Diplomatic circles have provided "indiscreet" reasons for the king's decision, and many reasons have been offered, including the King seeing the marriage as "one chance less to find a suitable husband" for his two daughters, Infanta Beatriz and Infanta Maria Cristina.
King Alexander of Yugoslavia, who is Queen Elena's nephew, is also unlikely to attend the wedding.
Earlier reports stated that King Boris III of Bulgaria was not going to attend and would send his brother, Prince Kyril, in his place.

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