Monday, November 9, 2009

Prince Viktor marries Hungarian countess

November 9, 1909

Prince Viktor of Erbach-Schönburg today married Countess Elizabeth Széchényi, reports the Los Angeles Times in a direct wire from Budapest.
The marriage was solemnized at Castle Somogyvár "with all the rich Hungarian pomp and display of the bridal procession," which consisted of "thirty-five state carriages and preceded by a herald blowing trumpets."
The bride was in the final carriage.
Prince Viktor, who was born in 1880, is the youngest son of the late Karl, Prince of Erbach- Schönburg and his wife, Princess Marie of Battenberg.
The Dowager Princess with her son, Alexander, the Count of Erbach-Schönburg, and daughter-in-law, Elisabeth, and daughter, were among the guests at the wedding. Other German princes and counts were also in attendance, along with fifty members of the the Andrassy and Széchényi families.
The former Gladys Vanderbilt, who is married to the bride's cousin, "took her place in this gorgeous assembly." The American heiress "was gowned in a delicious pale green toilette, and magnificent jewels."
The bride, 21, now becomes connected to the British, Spanish and Italian courts.

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