Friday, August 28, 2009

Reporters without borders slams Dutch decision

Bravo to Reporters without Borders! Imagine if Dutch newspaper editors would band together and decide to not cover the Crown Prince and Princess Maxima's official engagements for the rest of the year. Would anyone actually notice? The next time an invitation is extended for an "official" photo shoot, the Dutch media should say "thanks, but no thanks," we have other stories to cover. Real news.

So what does the Prince of Orange actually do? Looking at his resume on the official website, it seems that he's interested in water management (and has given a few speeches on the subject). He also likes to fly, but what does he actually do every day. He does not seem to support Dutch charities or cultural organizations. Willem-Alexander and Maxima are patrons of the Orange fund, "which was set up to promote social welfare and social cohesion in the Netherlands."
The Prince of Wales is often criticized in the British media, but he certainly does a lot more as heir to the British throne than Willem-Alexander does as the heir to the Dutch throne. Willem-Alexander and his wife appear to spend more time planning their next holiday!

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