Friday, August 21, 2009

Princess Anne to snub veterans

What about a train?


Gary said...

What about a train, indeed. This has the potential to be a PR disaster, and totally justifiably so. Presumably all of the veterans were planning to travel there at their own expense.

Anonymous said...

Princess Anne is doing her best as a the 59 year old "Princess Royal" of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and so many other countries.

I don't think that that the mishap as reported (a mere interpretation as the newspaper itself states) is in indeed a slight against "Veterans".

Furthermore I am certain that she does not worry about PR disasters. She does the best that she can. Her style may be very different from her late sister in law, Diana, Princess of Wales, but Anne was one of the people in the British Royal Family, who she most admired and who's opinion of herself. that Diana most cared about.

Anne's own father, Prince Philip (to whom she is very close) is a veteran. Anne is not unaware or bitter about the early ascendancy to the throne of her mother the Queen (when Anne was only 18 months old) due to her grandfather's early death due to the strains of WW2.

She has always followed in her parents' long outstanding and deserved respect for veterans.

Well things went wrong with the RAF. Yes a train could have been caught if available. People like me are "mere tourists" so we can wait for trains. Anne has many commitments.

Please give a beautiful lady of 59 (unbelievable when you think of it) some kindness and space.

Finally, the Veterans of World War Two, will never be forgotten by the Royal Family or any of us.

With utmost sincerity.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

let's consider this. The event is not until September 1. The Princess is at Balmoral, which means she is on holiday, and carrying out very few engagements. Trains are plentiful. Moreover, the Daily Telegraph is a conservative broadsheet. Royals take the train all the time. She would have to do an overnight, but there are first class sleepers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marlene and others who are reading my comments.

I am genuinely sorry that I overlooked that the date for the event that Princess Anne can not attend was on September 1.

You were so kind in the way that you pointed out my error, Marlene.

I still hold to my views about the Princess's commitment to Veterans, her commitment to other causes and her own energy at 59.

I am very sorry that the Veterans will be so disappointed at her absence.

I feel that we must never forget any of the Veterans, alive or living. Our lives would be so much more difficult without the sacrifices that they took.

Again with utmost sincerity.