Sunday, August 23, 2009

News about Lord Freddie's wedding

I do think that this story is largely nonsensical.

I sincerely doubt that Senior royals want Lord Frederick Windsor's wedding to be a "mature affair." Lord Frederick Windsor is an on-the-fringe royal. He and his sister, Lady Gabriella, are the ones who stand on the extreme ends of group photographs. Lord Frederick's parents are royal. He is not. He does not and will not carry out official engagements. He and his wife will be invited to only a few royal events, such as a major royal wedding. They will probably appear on Buckingham Palace's balcony after the Trooping the Colour. But that's about it.
Lord Frederick's children will have no titles.

If you are considering going to Hampton Court to catch a glimpse of the bridal couple, do not bother. The Palace will be closed for the day.


Dennis said...

It's a British paper: they just make things up. Honestly, sometimes I think they exist only to make American papers look comparatively respectable.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The article comes from a gossip column - not the main news section. Have you ever read page six in the New York post?

Dennis said...

I certainly agree that stupid things can be found in American papers as well... but the British press overall I find much more disreputable. They particularly sin with respect to the royal family, where opinions are given as if fact, and usually unattributed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the paper made up that story rather than something juicier. The paper could have said:

1. Princess Michael was furious that some senior royal wasn't going to attend. The paper would have gotten at least one more story out of that when the royal did/didn't attend.

2. Ms. Winkleman was upset that she wasn't going to get to wear a tiara OR that she didn't want a tiara but was being pressured to wear one.

3. The Queen/Philip/Whoever objects to Ms. Winkleman's career.

4. Freddie in a night of gay debauchery breaks down in tears at arranged marriage.

5. Some squabble between Princess Michael and Buckingham palace over seniority and seating arrangements.

Really, this stuff just writes itself and it's all far more interesting. Wonder what was wrong with the "reporter" that day.