Thursday, August 20, 2009

Knud to wed next month

August 20, 1933

The AP reports today that Prince Knud of Denmark, the second son of King Christian X, will marry his first cousin, Princess Caroline Mathilde of Denmark, will take place next month at Fredensborg. After the marriage, the couple will live at the king's summer castle, Lyngby.
Prince Knud is 37 years old, and his bride, who is the daughter of Christian's younger brother, Harald, is 20.
The original dispatch was sent to the Associated Press in New York City by mail and was dated August 6.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Marlene.

Knud & Caroline's daughter Princess Elisabeth is still in line (so far as I understand) to the Danish throne. She is officially unmarried, I think. When I saw her on television during Frederik & Mary's marriage she exhibited the beautiful graciousness of her first cousins, Margarethe, Benedikte & Anne-Marie.

Excuse me if I have all my facts wrong.

Sincerely, Keith.

Allan Raymond said...

You normally post a date of the orginal article but it is missing from this "Musing". I assume "AP reports today" would have a date something like 21 August 1933 which is whenThe New York Times reported the similar announcement?