Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Edward refuses to allow Patricia to marry Alfonso

August 19, 1905

King Edward VII is refusing to allow his niece, Princess Patricia of Connaught to marry the young King Alfonso XIII of Spain, according to a report in the Chicago Daily News. The news was made public in Spain today by Dr. Macho, the king's private chaplain. King Alfonso was informed of Edward's decision during his recent visit to London.
Dr. Macho said that King Edward appointed two physicians as a part of Alfonso's suite "with instructions to study Alfonso's physical condition." The doctors reported back to the British king that they believed that King Alfonso was showing signs of insanity, and is suffering from tuberculosis.
King Alfonso's father, Alfonso XII, died from consumption several months before Alfonso's birth.
King Edward VII apparently broke off the marital negotiations after learning of Alfonso's mental instability.


Claudia S. said...

Hmmm... Yet he had no problem letting another niece marry Alfonso the following year?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

You need to take some of these stories with a grain of sand.