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Carol marries Magda in second ceremony

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 August 18, 1949

According to a Reuters dispatch, former King Carol II of Romania and his third wife, Magda Lupescu, were married in a private religious ceremony "at his house near Lisbon last night."

The couple were first married two years ago at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil "in a bedside ceremony when she was seriously ill." That wedding was a civil ceremony.

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Carol's wife, now known as Princess Elena, recovered from her illness.
Today's ceremony was held in the "greatest privacy", according to the former King's spokesman. The service was conducted the superior of the Roumanian church in Paris.

Carol, 53, first met Magda Lupescu in 1923, when he was married to Princess Helen of Greece. Two years later, he renounced his claim to the throne -- he was the Crown Prince -- when Lupescu was asked to leave the country. He followed her to Paris.

In 1927, Carol's father, King Ferdinand died, and he was succeeded by Carol's son, Michael. However, in 1930, Carol was able to stage a coup and take the throne. Michael became the Crown Prince. Ten years later, Carol was forced to leave Romania, and Michael ascended the throne. He remain as king until December 1947, when the Communists force him to abdicate. He lives in England with his wife, Anne, and infant daughter, Margarita.

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