Monday, June 29, 2009

A third son for Marie of Yugoslavia

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 June 29, 1929

A salvo of 101 gun salute and the ringing of church bells proclaimed the birth of a third son to King Alexander and Queen Marie of Yugoslavia, reports the New York Times.

The Queen was at Bled in Slovenia, where she gave birth shortly before 11 p.m, yesterday. Earlier in the evening, the queen had gone for an automobile ride and was at the cinema, when she went into labor, and she had to leave "hurriedly." King Alexander, who was at the family's summer home at Topola, was informed of the news by telephone. He left "hastily" for Bled.

Marie's mother, Queen Marie of Roumania, was with her daughter, when she gave birth.

The baby was baptized today by the Archbishop of Ljubliana, and was given the provisional name of Paul

The king and queen have two other sons, Crown Prince Peter and Prince Tomislav.

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