Monday, June 29, 2009

Princess Marie of Denmark - a sculptress

June 29, 1901

A sculpted hippopotamus has caught the attention of visitors to a recent charity bazaar in Copenhagen, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune. The sculpture was created by Princess Marie of Denmark, the wife of Prince Waldemar. The princess has "long since preferred the study of art to social festivities" to attending social functions, and she has "won no little success as a painter." The princess now plans to devote her time to sculpture, "a step that has won universal approbation from the leading art critics of Denmark."
Prince Waldemar is the youngest son of King Christian IX, and is, thus, the younger brother of Queen Alexandra and the Dowager Empress of Russia. His wife is said to be the "most popular woman at the court of Copenhagen." She is also a "remarkable character." Shortly after her marriage, Princess Marie had a anchor tattoo placed on her arm. The tattoo reads: "I am a Danish sailor's wife, and I want to do just as the others do."

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