Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Princess Margaret of Connaught's wedding gifts

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June 9, 1905

Now that King Alfonso XIII of Spain's visit is nearly over, attention will turn to the forthcoming wedding of Princess Margaret of Connaught and Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden, reports the New York Times.

The bride's attendants have been announced. Princess Margaret will have four bridesmaids: Princess Mary of Wales, Princess Beatrice of Edinburgh, Princess Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg, all of whom are first cousins of the bride, and her younger sister, Princess Patricia of Connaught.

The bride-to-be's parents, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught hosted a garden party today at Clarence House to display the wedding gifts, "which formed a dazzling exposition of jewelry,especially rubies," Princess Margaret's favorite gem.

The Duke and Duchess of Connaught's gave their daughter was a diamond tiara and a sable coat. King Edward and Queen Alexandra's gift is a "magnificent tiara of rubies and diamonds", and a "beautiful necklace of rubies and diamonds" is a joint present from the Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Louise and the Duke of Fife, Princess Victoria and Prince and Princess Carl of Denmark. The Khédive of Egypt has sent a diamond tiara to Princess Margaret.

Prince Gustaf Adolf, who is the son of the Crown Prince, will leave Stockholm for London today. His father and Prince Eugen will leave on Sunday for the wedding.

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