Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Princess Irene wins ovation at debut as a pianist

June 17, 1969

Princess Irene of Greece "won a three-minute ovation" at her first London appearance as a concert pianist.

The princess' brother, the exiled King Constantine, was in the audience at the Royal Festival Hall to hear Irene perform "Bach's Concerto No. 2 with Greek pianist Gina Baucher. Irene's mother, Queen Frederika, and the Prince of Wales and his sister, Princess Anne, were also in the audience.

Only six years ago, Princess Irene, 26, was a "one-finger piano player." The princess and Miss Baucher were accompanied by the Cincinnati Symphony, which is on a tour.

"Princess or not, she's more than adequate player," according to one music review. London's critics "appeared enthusiastic" over Irene's performance. The princess has been a student of Miss Baucher's "since she took up musically seriously."


Anonymous said...

Hello Marlene,

I found this item to be really very interesting.

Thank you for posting it to us.

I think that most of us would like to be as musical as Princess Irene.


Anonymous said...

Hello again Marlene.

I heard earlier this afternoon that the sister of Princess Irene (who I think resides in Spain): Queen Sofia and her husband King Juan Carlos of Spain are to make a State Visit to Australia this year.

I was in Spain shortly after Juan Carlos came to the throne. It was all a bit chaotic, but a lot of fun.