Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prince Wilhelm zu Wied injured

June 15, 1903

The New York Times reports today on Prince Wilhelm zu Wied's injury. The prince, who is an officer in the Prussian Regiment of the Bodyguards, was "was dragged by his stirrup and had his leg dislocated" at the Berlin reviewing ground. His horse eventually ran into the woods, and the prince was "caught between two trees leaning together." Prince Wilhelm, who was born in 1876, and is the second son of the Prince and Princess of Wied. The Princess of Wied is the former Princess Marie of the Netherlands, and is the heiress presumptive to the Dutch throne.
At one time, "it was an assured fact" that Prince Wilhelm "would be selected" to the husband of his second cousin, Queen Wilhelmina.
Prince Wilhelm is also a nephew of Carmen Sylva -- Queen Elisabeth of Romania.

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