Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Prince of Wales and the Rain Forest

The Prince of Wales, who is the heir to the British throne, has taken on many important causes, including saving the rain forests. Earlier this year, the Prince, along with his sons and other famous people, took part in a video to highlight the cause.
British comedian Rory Bremner is an active participant in the Prince's Rain Forest Project, so much so that he is actively impersonating the prince in a video that is being shown at festivals in the UK throughout the summer.

Rory Bremner says: “We already know how badly destroying the rainforests affects climate change. This summer’s campaign by The Prince’s RainforestsProject gives everyone a chance to get involved, and I’m happy to play a part. Especially as that part is Prince Charles!”

The new video can be seen on the website's main page.



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