Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pope will grant special dispensation for Alfonso's marriage

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June 11, 1905

A special cable from Rome to the Los Angeles Times states that the Pope will grant a special dispensation to the marriage between King Alfonso XIII of Spain and Princess Patricia of Connaught. The dispensation will not require the Princess to renounce her Protestant faith and and become a Catholic before the marriage.

Negotiations have been "pending" between the Spanish Court and the Vatican through the papal nuncio at Madrid, and the major obstacle is the objection by the British Royal family to Princess Patricia converting before the marriage. They "made the concession" that Patricia might join the Catholic church "immediately after the marriage," and this has been accepted by the Vatican, as it understands the "importance of alliance by the Spanish monarchy with the British royal family."

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 Thus, in "view of these positive facts," the engagement between the King of Spain and Princess Patricia of Connaught is expected to be announced shortly.
The King of Spain was recently in England for an official visit, and, it is understood that he met with the Princess, who is the niece of King Edward VII.

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