Monday, June 1, 2009

New princess for Italy

June 1, 1901

Queen Elena of Italy gave birth to her first child, a daughter, this morning in Rome. Princess Yolanda Margherita was born at 9 a.m., and "mother and infant are progressing favorably," according to the Chicago Daily Tribune. Although he would have wished for a son, King Victor Emmanuel has expressed "contentment" with the baby's sex. Only males can succeed to the throne in Italy.
Salutes are being fired throughout the country, and flags are flying from the palace and public buildings in honor of Yolanda's birth.
The new princess's nurse will have a liberal pay package, including a pension. She will receive $2000 when the infant gets her first tooth, another $2000 when she says her first word, and a further $2000 when the princess can walk unsupported.
Although Elena is said to be the most beautiful queen in Europe, she is not popular in Italy as she has not been able to give birth to a male heir.

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