Friday, June 5, 2009

Juliana, heir to Dutch throne, baptised.

June 5, 1909

Princess Juliana, the infant daughter of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Prince Hendrik, was baptised today. The New York Times reports that the Princess was baptised according to the rites of the Lutheran church, "the ceremonial being very simple." The ceremony took place at the Willemskerk at the Hague. Members of the Royal Family and the "visiting Princes and Princesses" sat in the front pews of the church. Other officials and members of the diplomatic corps were also present for the ceremony.
The baptismal font was "of silver, fashioned in the Gothic style." After listening to the "long sermon", the Queen presented her daughter for baptism. The text of the sermon was based on St. Luke. After the ceremony, the "choir chanted the 134th Psalm."
The infant princess was brought to the church in a gilded carriage drawn by six horses. She was held up to the window so that the people could get a glimpse of her.

[Note: Juliana was probably baptised according to the rites of the Dutch Reformed church, which is similar to the Lutheran church.)


Anonymous said...

Marlene, a quick question related to an earlier post (which I now cannot find): what is the title of the published memoirs of Lillian Hammersley, Duchess of Marlborough? I think you and Cabri mentioned the book earlier, only I can't seem to find it on Biblio.

I'm asking because if you have a question about a book, who better to ask than a librarian?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

that's because Cabri was confused -- As far as I know, Lily never wrote her memoirs - but Consuelo did .. the Glitter and the Gold.
(Lily's obits make no reference to memoirs.)

Anonymous said...

Marlene, thank you for clarifying - asking a librarian is always a good idea!

I read Consuelo Balsan's book years ago.