Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm four today and I am taking over the blog

My name is Sienna Rose Koenig, and I am four years old today. I am not a baby anymore.

In December 2005, I adopted my Mommy. I was in a cage with my brother and sister in Petsmart in Springfield, VA, waiting (and waiting) to be adopted. We lived with a foster mom, who was a volunteer with the Fairfax County Humane Society. My siblings and I were born on June 19, 2005 in a trailer park in Centreville. We were rescued and brought to the foster mom's house. She got us medical care and treated us well. Our cat mom -- we think she was a Siamese cat - was not found. I think she was down on her luck, and she pushed her babies out so the rescuers could find us. I was sick as a kitten, but I eventually got better, and my foster mom decided it was time to put the three of us up for adoption. So there I am in a cage with my two siblings, people watching. I watched, I waited. I told my siblings: This is the Day. Nothing.

And then ... I saw this lady with a shopping cart filled with litter and food. Oh, she must like cats. As she walked past the cage, I stretched my little paw out as far as I could .. and I touched her. Our eyes met. I have very pretty blue eyes. The lady melted. She asked to hold me. Oh, how sweet she smelled .. and she had cat hair on her clothes. She liked cats. I snuggled, I purred, I smiled, I winked. All of it worked. The lady filled out the papers, and gave me a little kiss. I heard her say "You are so cuuute!" I purred contently, knowing that life was going to get even better.

But I could not leave with the lady. She had to be checked out, to see if she was a good cat mommy. I soon learned she was because my foster mom called her vet, who stated that she was a good cat mom. A week later, the lady came back to Petsmart. She wrote a check to pay for me .. and the transfer was made.

I was so excited to be going to a new home. My new mom. I was scared and shaking, though, because I didn't know what my new home would be like. I would miss my brother and sister (they were adopted by other families) and my foster cat siblings. What would my new home be like?

I liked it right away. I was welcomed (sort of) by my brothers Buddy and Edison, but not by my sister, Ella. She's a snotty cat. Mommy calls her a diva. We all have lots of toys, and we sleep with our mom. I like waking her up. I like jumping on her stomach and then start kneading her ... or I like turning on the radio ... now that really does the trick. When mom is on the computer, we all like to be with her. Buddy gets to be on the desk. The rest of us are right on the floor around the desk. I was baptised as Sienna Rose. Mommy says I am a Luther-cat .. and a Demo-cat. Mommy calls me Cee Cee or Sienna or Princess. Or Sienna Rose when I've done something wrong, which is not very often.

I am a good cat though. I love my mom and my siblings (even Ella.) I am cute. I am adorable. I am four today. I am a Lynx Point Siamese. I am very happy because I picked my mom. She's the best.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Sweet little thing!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Yes I am! Says Sienna.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations of your birthday Sienna.

Cats like you are quite beautiful.

Cherish the love that is given to you.