Monday, June 22, 2009

Duke of Aosta's heir "shares hardships"

June 22, 1915

The New York Times reports today on a private letter sent by an artillery officer, which describes the "life led at the front," by the Duke of Aosta's eldest son, who is 17 years old. He is a "simple soldier, following the regiments, sleeping on straw, as and his comrades do, and eating their rations." Prince Amedeo "is treated without any preference.

He "has made himself much beloved" by his high spirits and "his manner toward the soldiers. He has also shown "great courage," and is always the first to volunteer "for dangerous work." And, he is also "ever ready to help a comrade in distress."

His younger brother, Prince Aimone, 15, is in the Italian navy,"but has not yet been under fire." He is said to "being jealous" of his older brother, "who is seeing more active service."

Their mother,the duchess of Aosta, is active in the Red Cross hospitals, and she "spends days and nights, going from one to the other and carrying sympathy wherever she goes."

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