Monday, June 29, 2009

Danish prince to study Sausage making in the USA

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June 29, 1919

Prince Aage of Denmark is in Chicago "to study industrial talents and obtain commercial data for Denmark," reports the Chicago Daily Tribune. The prince, 32, is a cousin of King Christian X. This morning, the Prince, who is six feet tall and uses a walking stick, toured the Armour plant, where he stooped over "the machinery that makes sausage casings."

He told a reporter: "I am here informally and have temporarily dropped all interest in politics." Prince Aage was making a reference to Denmark's interest in the new League of Nations. "I am amusing myself by studying industrial conditions in your country and just now have no other interest."

The prince and his party dined today at the South Shore Country Club, and then were driven around the city. They will leave tonight for Detroit, where the prince will spend several days visiting automobile factories. Afterward, Prince Aage will return to Washington, D.C.

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