Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Charlotte is 79 today, does not know about the war

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 June 24, 1919

Empress Charlotte of Mexico, the widow of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, celebrated her 79th birthday on June 23, the Associated Press reported today.
Charlotte is in "good health," and she lives in a chateau near Antwerp, which was not attacked by the Germans. She appears to have not known about the war during the last five years, and only "manifested anxiety when the big guns thundered during the siege of Antwerp."

Charlotte, who was the daughter of King Leopold I, has not been told about the death of her brother, King Leopold II. She was recently visited by her nephew, King Albert, and his wife, Queen Elisabeth, and referred to them as Prince and Princess Albert. The empress does not touch the piano, but "plays cards and listens to the gramophone."

The word death is never used in her presence, and when old friends or servants die, she is told they have gone on a "long journey," although it is impossible to know what she really understands.

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