Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charles of Belgium visits SF girl

June 23, 1931

Prince Charles of Belgium, younger son of King Albert and Queen Elisabeth, is currently traveling incognito here in the USA, according to the Los Angeles Times. On board the ship, while crossing the Atlantic, the prince danced several times with a pretty American girl, Elizabeth Naylor of San Francisco. The prince was able to keep his identity a secret during the transatlantic crossing.
Elizabeth's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Naylor, "attracted by the Prince's charming personality," invited Charles to visit their home. It was only after the ship had docked in New York City, and the Naylors and the Prince said their goodbyes, did the American family learn the identity of the Belgian man.
Prince Charles arrived last week in San Francisco "to accept the Naylors' invitation." At his request, his identity was not made public, and thus, he was able to spend a week with the Naylors without press intrusion. Prince Charles and Miss Naylor "spent virtually the entire week golfing, boating, motoring and horseback riding." They "apparently were exceedingly fond of each other's company," but the possibility of a romance "is concerned -- that's something to conjecture upon."
The Naylors were able to reveal the information about their royal guest only after Prince Charles departed for an undisclosed revelation."

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