Thursday, October 30, 2008

Queen Sofia upsets gays over comments

Here is a link to an article in Britain's Independent newspaper about Queen Sofia, the subject of a new book in Spain, where she talks about a lot of things - including gays and gay marriage.

and in Earthtimes:,spains-queen-sofia-opposes-gay-marriage-in-new-bio--summary.html

and another article

an article in Spanish:

Pilar Urbano's book is available only in Spanish, as it was published in Spain.


Unknown said...

No doubt a most unfortunate comment as the Queen has and has had her share of gay relations, who although have not entered into a marriage, live pretty openly with their significant others.

John said...

This was very interesting Marlene. I feel like I now know a little more about Queen Sophia.

Anonymous said...

Though I don't agree with her I think she has every right to make such comments. At least she isn't being hypocritcal - unlike another famous Princess.

Anonymous said...

There’s a démentie in El Pais… and the Casa del Rey is quoted dismissingly talking of "Afirmaciones inexactas hechas en el ámbito privado"; inexact claims made in a private context… with the sub-title: “La Reina lamenta el malestar creado por el libro.” The Queen laments the bad feelings caused by this book.
So I ask How far can this book be trusted?
As I recall, being in Madrid with some friends from University/School of Commerce to study Spanish in the autumn of 1976, Queen Sofia was generally believed by our (well placed) Spanish acquaintances to be very active during la Reforma política (along these lines: the King; the Military; Don Adolfo Suarez; the Administration; the Queen; the Drawing rooms).
I certainly was the only around who actually believed and trusted (having declared myself about it already in June!) in the ultimate success of this (generally discarded “Juan el breve”) effort to bring a Dictatorship of 30 years into the Modern world and Democracy.
One night we went bar crawling (as madrileños do before dinner). We chatted along. Suddenly one of the girls said her father was Opus Dei. One of the boys moved his chair: I don’t dare sit besides you! A slight stir. I thought I must look closer at this…
And the periodista in question is said to be an Opus Dei numerary… living in abstinence…