Monday, July 7, 2008

The York princesses to take on royal duties

Some time ago, I posted a response to a post about the York princesses, stating that in time that Beatrice and Eugenie would be brought into the royal orbit - and take on royal duties. This was contrary to what others were writing. Beatrice and Eugenie were not going to take on royal duties because the Prince of Wales wanted to downsize the royal family.
Note to editors who write this sort of nonsense: the Royal Family is going through a natural attrition. Members of the Royal family who carry out duties include Queen (naturally, she's the Sovereign), and the Duke of Edinburgh; the Prince and Princess of Wales; the Duke of York; the Earl and Countess of Wessex; the Princess Royal; the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester; the Duke of Kent (the duchess has largely retired); and Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy. Prince and Princess Michael of Kent have their own duties but their engagements are not reported in the Court Circular.
Princes William and Harry have started to take on more engagements, and their royal roles will increase during the next five years.
The children of Princess Anne, the Dukes of Kent and Gloucester and Princess Alexandra (as well as the children of the Michaels) are not royal and will not undertake official engagements. Many of course may take on some of their parents' patronages on their own, but none will be working royals.
This leaves a real shortage in the next generation. Thus, the need to include the York princesses. In June, they made their officiual appearance at Ascot, and are expected to take on a few engagements in the next year. Princess Beatrice is expected to start university in the fall, so her studies will take up a good portion of her time. Eugenie goes on her gap year -- a good time to start learning the royal ropes.

Finally, someone is on the same wave-length: the Mandrake column in the Daily Telegraph, which reports that the Princesses will begin to take on official duties.

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