Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vatican Row Blamed on Princess Beatrice

Dateline Madrid, July 30, 1910 (Los Angeles Times). According the newspaper's report, the "uncompromising Protestantism" of Princess Beatrice -- the mother of Queen Victoria Eugenia -- "is one of the causes of Spanish trouble with the Vatican." Apparently, Princess Beatrice turned one room at the palace into a private chapel, where are Protestant services are conducted. The Princess is said to travel with an English chaplain.
There is a said to be "a regular clique at court" that pays homage to the Ena's mother, but there are also reports that Princess Beatrice has tried to convert some ladies at the court.
King Alfonso XIII is "powerless" to stop his mother-in-law, and there are rumors, too, that Queen Ena joins her mother at the Protestant services. (The former Princess Ena of Battenberg was a member of the Anglican church before she converted to the Roman Catholic faith.)
It is also said that Alfonso's mother, Queen Maria Cristina, resents Princess Beatrice's "presence and pretensions."
There are some in Spain who believe that the Battenberg-cum-Protestant influence is too strong at the court. The Vatican, according to the newspaper report, is said to support the Carlist pretender, Don Jaime, as they believe he can restore Roman Catholic influence in Spain.

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