Friday, July 25, 2008

Snow and rain mar Ileana's pre-wedding festivities

Snow is not something that a bride-to-be expects when she has a summer wedding. But it did snow on July 25, 1931, the day before Princess Ileana of Roumania married Archduke Anton of Austria. The reception that the Princess planned to host for the media covering her wedding was postponed because of the "absence of sunlight." Ileana received further presents including a handemade inkwell from her nine-year-old nephew, Crown Prince Michael. The princess also received a delegation lead by Premier Jorga who presented her with a monetary gift (1,000,000 leis) in a purse set with precious stone. (The value of this gift in 1931 was $6300). Ileana gave 300,000 lei ($1900) to the poor on the day before her wedding.

Sinaia was "alive with excitement" and "flags flew from every window." Princess Ileana was much loved by the Roumanian people. Her wedding was far from being a love match, and had largely been arranged by her brother, King Carol II, who was perhaps jealous of Ileana's popularity.
The New York Times reported that Ileana received a visit from the Orthodox Patriarch to bless her before she joined the Roman Catholic Church. The paper also reported that two bishops sent by Pope Pius XI were Sinaia to baptize the Princess as a Roman Cath0lic. These reports were based on local news accounts coming of Sinaia.
The reports were, however, incorrect. The Princess did not covert to the Roman Catholic faith.
The bad weather also meant a change in plans for the evening garden party. Instead, the dinner was held at the Castle of Telsch.

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