Saturday, July 26, 2008

Queen Names Charles as Prince of Wales

On July 26, 1958, Prince Charles, a student at Cheam, was called into the headmaster's office, where he and several classmates, watched the closing ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales. Queen Elizabeth II had been scheduled to close the games, but was sidelined following a sinusitis operation. The Duke of Edinburgh deputized for her, and introduced a tape-recorded message. Charles and his headmaster knew in advance what the queen was going to say: "I intend to create my son Charles Prince of Wales today."
It is now known that the Queen regretted the timing of the announcement. It was a difficult time for her nine-year-old son. "I remember being acutely embarrassed when it was announced. I heard this marvelous cheer from the stadium in Cardiff, and I think for a little boy of nine it was all rather bewildering. All the others turned and looked at me in amazement. And it perhaps didn't mean much then; later on, as I grew older, it became apparent what it meant."

Of course, it can be said that the Prince of Wales has done a fabulous job - as the prince of Wales ... happy 50th anniversary.

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